Tim Pryde

Tim Pryde


The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh http://www.thevoodoorooms.com/


The Grass is Always Bluer

Favourite bar?

Hoot the Redeemer on Hanover St, Edinburgh. Oh, and Mr Wow’s Emporium in Melbourne.

Weirdest comment you have heard from a customer?

Customer in busy cocktail bar: “What soft drinks do you do?”
Me: “The usual: Coke, Lemonade, Orange Juice, Apple…”
Customer: “Ok then, I’ll just have a Snicker’s Bar

Me: “…erm”

Also this one –
Customer: “What’s your wifi password?”
Me: “cocktails – all lower case”
Customer 3 mins later: “I’ve tried a few times, the passwords not working – cocktakers, lower case yeah?”
Me: “…not quite”

What’s the funniest thing you have seen in a bar?

After thinking it would be funny to take a bite of a cucumber in our fruit bowl, the customer was then told that he had to either leave or eat the whole cucumber. So yeah, watching a grown man simultaneously eat a whole cucumber whilst realising the error of his ways was quite special.

Your favourite secret bartender saying:

“Nice shoes!”

Your favourite cocktail:

Right now it’s a slushy Jungle Bird from Hoot the Redeemer – Rum, Campari, lime, pineapple, slushy

Why do you love Buffalo Trace?

Stir it up, sip it down or shot it back – one of the most versatile spirits on our bar. Great heritage and great flavour – what more do you need!? And it’s in our speed rail – absolute winner!