Welcome to the High Noon Theatre & Saloon

There’s a ‘double bill’ of wild west theatre happening that you can’t pass up. No, sirree.

Go Ahead, Make your day… (we know this isn’t western, but we like it) during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 8-14th August at the High Noon Theatre & Saloon (Lucky Liquor)

“You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those who get two cocktails, a show, a movie, popcorn and tasters all for only £15, and those who don’t. You dig?”

‘Once Upon a time in the West End’

A host of corrupt politicians are trying to civilize the West. It’s lucky we’ve found a lone gunslinger and a wannabe sidekick to intervene. A farcical, theatrical romp through the Western genre, created by award-winning Scottish playwright Elspeth Turner.

Performed by Elspeth Turner, Cameron Mowat and Martin MacLennan.

The Magnificent

Monday 8th August
Saturday 13th August


Tuesday 9th August
Sunday 14th August

The Good the Bad
and the Ugly

Wednesday 10th August
Friday 12th August

The Hateful

Thursday 11th August


Mozzie on down to the High Noon Theatre & Saloon where the corn-juice will be flowing.

The barrel-aged cocktails and our very special whiskeys will make you feel like you’re in a saloon with Clint, McQueen or Samuel L. Jackson.

The saloon doors swing open at 6.30pm, when you’ll get your arrival cocktail and have the chance to chat bourbon, or movies, or just sit in the corner…

‘Once Upon a Time in the West End’ our pre movie theatre will start at 7pm

The movie will kick off at 8 so all you’ll need to do is relax and enjoy the show!

Afterwards enjoy a few sips of gut warmer and chance your luck at some gambling.

Tickets are £15 for the movie, 2 cocktails, popcorn and tasters

The Lucky Liquor Co.
39A Queen Street,
Edinburgh, EH2 3NH